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"The location of my tumor, between the lungs and beside the heart can only be reached with CyberKnife"

"The location of my tumor, between the lungs and beside the heart can only be reached with CyberKnife"

My wife and I live in Vancouver, Canada where there is no Cyberknife.

I am a retired computer technician. I have a very active lifestyle, of fishing – rivers, lakes and oceans as well as hunting and woodworking.  We spend a lot of time traveling, at our cabin in the wilderness or in our RV

6-years ago I thought I had kidney stones; the CT scan showed Renal Cell Carcinoma, and I my left kidney removed.  The cancer came back; tumors had metastasized to my chest, located against my heart.  I was referred to a hematology oncologist that told me the tumors were inoperable and that Radiation would not work. I was put on an oral chemo drug for 23 months. When the tumor started to increase I was put on Afinitor, another chemo drug for 3 months; but the side effects were too much.

My wife heard about Cyberknife on a Cancer Compass discussion group. We understood this was not surgery but rather; intensely accurate radiation, motion sensitive and strong doses. Standard Radiation Therapy (IMRT/IGRT) is not strong enough for Renal Cell Carcinoma. The location of my tumor, between the lungs and beside the heart makes broad beam radiation not possible.

We contacted Accuray that suggested we call Dr John Kresl at Phoenix Cyberknife and Radiation Oncology Center due to his experience with my conditions.

At the center we were always treated professionally. The staff was so friendly and compassionate. We were especially grateful to Amanda Thomas who was outstanding from the first contact with the center with her prompt and efficient assistance. She made the entire experience awesome.

I had one treatment per day for 5 days. It was relaxing, there was no pain and no discomfort.

I feel better 3 weeks after treatment, and yes I would recommend Phoenix Cyberknife and Radiation Oncology Center to anyone with my type of cancer. We have already been telling others of our positive experience including our doctors here who have been interested in the treatment.


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