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"I chose Phoenix Cyberknife because of the entire process and most importantly the lack of after effects."

"I chose Phoenix Cyberknife because of the entire process and most importantly the lack of after effects."

I went through an extremely extensive research process to determine all the facts regarding the side effects of the various treatments, and most importantly, the after affects. I talked to over ten, friends, neighbors and acquaintances who have had prostate cancer and have gone through various treatments. I was not satisfied with any of their results. A friend of mine, a New York Heart Surgeon suggested I look into the Cyberknife treatment.

I was an R.V. Dealer in the Chicago area and retired in 1992. I now live in a beautiful retirement community, Sun City Grand in Surprise Arizona. I own a Border Collie and spend about two hours every evening at our dog park with him, watching him run and play with his friends. I still enjoy playing golf as much as possible.

I found out about my Prostate Cancer from a routine physical. My PSA had gone from 4 to 6. I consulted a Urologist and he advised me that I could either do nothing, or I could have a biopsy. I chose the biopsy, which showed cancer in two of the twelve strips. I was then more informed that I could again, do nothing, have radiation seeds implanted, have cryo (freezing), have radiation treatment or have my prostate completely removed.

I contacted Phoenix Cyberknife and was referred to Dr Daniels. He explained to me everything that I was looking for. Dr Daniels gave me peace of mind at a very troubling time. I had another PSA test and my results had gone to 10.1. It was time to get this done.Dr Daniels explained that gold marker would be placed where the cancer was located and that the Cyberknife would zero in on the spots only, and not in general locations like other treatment options. Cyberknife causes the very least amount of radiation to surrounding areas. I had 5 treatments, with set up, each lasted an hour, for which I slept through. I had NO pain.

After treatment I have felt great! M PSA is down to 1.0. I have had NO side effects, and life is good! I have recommended Phoenix Cyberknife and Radiation Oncology Center to several people already!

Thank you Dr Daniels and the entire staff at PCROC!


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